Wednesday, 8 January 2014

I've Moved!

let me begin by wishing you all a very happy new year...i hope 2014 is incredible for you. this is just a quick post to let you know that you can now find me over at wild honey, my new blog. i keep getting notifications that people are following give me magical on bloglovin' and various other places but all of my posts from here on out will be over at wild honey

come and have a little look? you can follow the new blog on bloglovin, follow me on pinterest or for more snippets of my life, you can find me fueling my instagram addiction here 

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Wild Honey

i have some news...whilst this blog has been perfect for letting me get my feet wet, i feel like the time has come for a fresh start and a clean slate. i feel a lot more focused, inspired and confident about what i'm doing and where i'm headed than i did when i started give me magical. it's been a long time coming and i feel like i need to grab hold of it while i can. therefore, you'll now find me over at my new blog wild honey
whilst you'll still see some of the same things there as you did here, i have a clearer image of what i want this new space to be, i have a stronger sense of myself now than i think i ever have and i think this new little nook of the internet will be the perfect place to channel that. it'll be a cleaner, more stripped back, more open version of give me magical and i love it already.

i really appreciate all the lovely comments and support over the last year or so and i'd love for you to come over and have a look at my new pad! i really hope you follow along, i've got a lot of exciting things planned. 

you can follow the new blog on bloglovin, follow me on pinterest or for more snippets of my life, you can find me fueling my instagram addiction here 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Cornwall {Pt. 2}

last week, i promised another bunch of photos from our trip to cornwall...i went with a beach theme before so, today i'm going to show you some snapshots of the all pretty villages, blooming summer flowers and little nooks and crannies we stumbled across. we visited st kew, tintagel, wadebridge, padstow and port isacc...and each one was as pretty as the last. so that's the last of our holiday photos (that's a lie, i took hundreds)...if you ever get the chance to go to cornwall in the summertime - go. you won't regret it.

and of course, not forgetting the famous cornish cream teas - i would die very a very happy (and young) girl if i could live off a diet of clotted cream. 

oh. so. good. ♥

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Sip by Sip No. 5

sip by sip is a little feature where, every now and again i make myself sit down, have a cup of something and have a bit of a catch up with you. i'll let you know what's happening over here, something i've recently discovered that interests or inspires me and i'll share a song that i love with you as a soundtrack for our little tea date. for previous 'sip by sip' posts, click here.

what i'm drinking: good old cocoa, because it feels more like october than august.

what's new: i've finally finally opened a paypal account, set up a society6 shop, a facebook page and finally (seriously.) bought myself a domain name for my blog. now i just need to get them all ready - i'm determined to get it all just right before i launch them. 

what's inspiring: being at the seaside the weekend before last has left me feeling refreshed and inspired. i can't wait to get all the ideas in my head down on paper. i follow a lot of beautiful blogs and instagram accounts but seeing the lovely tiffany from offbeat + inspired's gorgeous fashion illustration never fails to make me want to sit down and draw. 

what i'm listening to: my lovely cousin recommended the paper kites - st. clarity to me - this video, in particular, is so touching...just watch it ♥

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cornwall {Pt. 1}

last friday, we made the last-minute decision to escape to cornwall for the weekend. i've never really been but it's always been tom's family's go-to place for holidays and i can definitely see why - it is stunning. it was a spontaneous decision so we didn't manage to stay where we wanted but it was gorgeous nonetheless. we packed our bags on friday evening then set off at two o'clock in the morning in the pouring rain - me all wrapped up in a blanket in the passenger seat, tom happily driving along as, slowly, the rain stopped and the sun rose.

we managed to cram in an amazing amount considering we were only there for two days - there were blustery winds and sea spray, bright sunshine and carnivals, lush gardens and craggy rocks, vintage campervans and 40's crooners, surfers and seagulls, ice cream and cafes, cornish pastries and cream teas...everything you would have imagined there to be on a quintessentially english trip to the coast.

i'll share a few more photos of pretty villages and beaches over the next week or so. in the meantime, i'll be dreaming of little white clapboard houses with peeling blue-green doors and mile after mile of craggy coast and choppy waves ♥

p.s. this is what happens when i'm in front of the camera as opposed to behind...i flail my arms around and flounce about like an idiot. that's all.


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